Hot Spring

Gora Natural Hot Spring

? Relax and Promote the Health at Same Time ?

Merveille Hakone Gora provides boasting natural hot spring at spacious public bath area. The water flowing directly from the hot spring source. The water type is "Chloride hot spring", is said to be good for keeping you warm and heal the injury. The elderly guest can also enjoy the hot spring safely and promote the health at the same time.

? Jacuzzi Hot Spring ?

You can enjoy the Jacuzzi hot spring with lower temperature and it has massage effect as well. We seasonally provide lavender or rosemary bath to relax and heal your mind from the stress.

? Other Facilities ?


Staying the sauna will increase your metabolism. We recommend to enjoy the sauna first and go to water bath, hot bath and Jacuzzi order. Don't forget to drink enough water to enjoy your spa time!

Dressing Room

Please take your time to changing your clothes. You can prepare yourself after taking the bath and relax at this area.

?Caution Before Using

The guests with a tattoo may not be permitted (also tattoo sticker) to enter public bathing areas and other public facilities. If you are not following this rule, we will ask you to leave the property.