Traditional Dining

Traditional Japanese Kaiseki Course

The guests with a half board plan can savour artfully prepared multi-course dinner featuring seasonal Japanese "Kaiseki". Please enjoy the Japanese cuisine, of course the taste and also with your eyes!!  

Jun~Aug Summer Kaiseki Dinner Menu

? ?-Bamboo Course ?

Japanese matcha tofu with sesami source
Press sushi
Salmon roe and squid in Japanese broth
Broad beans
Seasonal three kind of sashimi ( raw fish) 
Kamo eggplant with cream source in white celery 
Lotusroom with mozuku vinegar 
New ginger rice and red miso soup 
Mango gelee

? Breakfast ?

Grated Yam - Tororo Rice

Please enjoy our original recipe "Tororo Rice" for the breakfast. It made by grated yam and okura with Japanese broth. Start your day with healthy morning meal! 

? Kids Menu ?

Please inform the children age to us, we will arrange the menu depend on their age. 

[Antiallergic Food]

  • If you have any allergies, please let us know in advance (at least 3 days before of your arrival).
  • We will arrange the meal with alternative ingredients, but it may cost the extra fee. 
  • If you have serious allergy and can't take the food from the restaurant and wish to bring your own food, please inform us as well.
  • Able to arrange the meal without these allergies: Shrimp, crab and Egg
  • Unable to arrange: Buck wheat, peanut and dairy products.

[The Fine Print]

  • Guest with half-board reservation must check in before 18:30.
  • Guests who check in after this time may not be served dinner, and no refund will be given.